Review of: Journal of a Crazy Lady

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Journal of a Crazy Lady
by Larae Parry

Take a look at life through the eyes of one VERY funny lady. If you’re ready for some hilarity, come and get it here! Larae Parry will take you on a romp through life that will delight and maybe even make you think of some of your own family and friends! An endearingly funny book, I recommend it highly.


Review of The Shy Writer Reborn

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The Shy Writer Reborn
by C.Hope Clark

Aren’t many writers introverts? That’s what I hear – who else would want to squirrel away for hours a day in a dark room with only the light from their monitor? 🙂
Writing is wonderful, I live in my own little written world, but when I write “THE END”? That’s when it gets scary. Now what? Yikes.
This book has wonderful ways to calm your heart that is banging like a sledgehammer against your ribs at the thoughts of Writer’s conventions (never mind SPEAKING at one!), book signings, Publishers and Agents, etc…
Good helps here, I suggest reading it if you shudder at the thought of promoting your little baby 🙂

A World of Possibility

I am so delighted and proud to have been included in a wonderful new Anthology. My story, A Step in Time, has been published in A World of Possibility.

The book is available for free now on Smashwords and will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and the other big e-book publishers within a day or so.

I do hope you’ll download the book and read it. There are many fascinating stories in it by up and coming new Indie Writers who need your support. You can find it here on Smashwords. I’ll include the links for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc as they have the book available.

If you get a chance to read my story I would appreciate a review that mentions it and my name as I will have a novel coming out soon (Legacy of the Medallion). Thanks for your help and support!

The Clearing

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The Clearing
by Thomas Rydder

What an fun read!
Those of you who enjoyed the classic horror movies featuring the likes of Lon Chaney and Vincent Price, will love this book. I sure enjoyed it!
A sleepy little town, a Sheriff , a woman who needs his help and a pack of really scarey wolves that are menacing the whole town all combine to create a frightening senario that will have the hairs on your neck standing at attention.
Don’t miss this book if you love the feel and tone of the old horror classic.
Wonderful new twist on a great old story! Well done, Mr Rydder, and thank you oh so much! 🙂

Troubled Sea

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Troubled Sea
Jinx Schwartz

Love, Love, Love.
Couldn’t put this book down. It was exciting and interesting from beginning to end. Jinx Schwartz has a great writing style. You feel you know these characters and want to know more and more about them.
Her storyline keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wait to see what in the world will happen next!
EXCELLENT story, EXCELLENT characters = a wonderful read.
Don’t miss this one! 🙂

You can find it on Amazon for the Kindle at    It’s also available in paperback and on audio CD at Amazon.

Writers – Your Attention Please!

There’s a GREAT  Challenge on Brian Roger’s blog.
It’s called the Iron Writer’s Challenge. (Yep – just like Iron Chef – but for writers!)

It’s a Flash Fiction Challenge – 500 words. There are 4 writers, each are given 4 elements to include in the story, each will have 4 days to write.

On his blog, you’ll see a contact link to click if you’d like to participate! Then Brian will contact you with your date. The elements will be given to you on the Thursday before your story is due. It will be due that Sunday, so you have 4 days to write your heart out!

Don’t miss out on this, it’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s a TON of fun 🙂

Have a look and do let me know what you think! Isn’t it a great concept?