Sweet Dixie and Zephra

Zephra – February 2014
We got Zephra in February this year from Natalie’s Second Chance Shelter here in Lafayette, Indiana. Her name at the shelter was Sandy.
Natalie had put a picture of her on their facebook page and asked for someone to please adopt her or at least foster her because she was “crate crazy”. She just HATED to be crated. When I saw her picture, she looked so much like Dixie!! I commented on her but discovered someone had already fostered her.
I asked if they were just fostering for a short while, or if they planned to adopt. They said they were adopting so, oh well… right?
Nope! In February she was back on the “adobtable dogs” picture album! So I asked about her again and set up a time to go and meet her with my husband. Well, we were in the midst of the snow apocalypse out here and the times they were there and we could get there kept getting bumped! So it was about a week before we actually got to meet her.
We were somewhat taken aback when we went in and saw her in her cage. She was jumping and growling and looked totally ferocious!! Eek. But we braved up and asked to walk her. As soon as they took her out of that crate, she turned into a different dog. lol. They were right, she was “crate crazy”!
We fostered her for a couple of weeks to make sure she and Dixie got along ok, and they did 🙂 Dixie was a little unsure at first, but then decided she was Zephra’s mother!! Now they run, play, and do everything together. When one’s getting petted the other will try to bump them out of the way, but they don’t fight – Yaay!
So 2 weeks later we had the vet at Natalie’s clinic check her out, then we adopted her officially. We changed her name to Zephra because she runs and jumps! like the wind. The name comes from Zephyr – the God of the Wind – but since that’s a male name, we made it Zephra 😀
Any thoughts on her mix? Her build is much lighter than Dixie’s. She weighs in at 23 lbs but shes a little taller.

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Dixie – November 2012

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We just got an adorable dog three weeks ago from Natalie’s Second Chance Shelter here in Lafayette Indiana. She’s the sweetest girl ever!

The really interesting thing was that she’d been at Natalie’s before! Four or five years ago when she was a puppy! Natalie got a call from the Chicago Shelter (a kill shelter) that they’d received this dog that had one of Natalie’s tags on. So Natalie sent some wonderful volunteers to go and pick her up and bring her back to Lafayette.

All of this was to our good luck as we went to the shelter before they’d even managed to put her picture up on their website and found her.

We don’t know why she was taken to the shelter in  Chicago but someone had taught her a lot of good manners. She’s definitely housebroken and she sits, stays and walks on a leash just great.

After a lot of deliberation, we named her Dixie. She seems to like it :).

We have no idea what the mix is. Any guesses? She’s not a big dog, weighs 30 lbs. Very sweet and very well mannered! the little pink spot on her nose was caused by rubbing it on her cage, it’s already cleared up.  🙂

taken in our backyard

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