OK, my Blurb has been edited after several good suggestions by Simon Okill from ASMSG and the Is Anybody Out There group, Jay Hinckleman from the Indy Writer’s Group (IWG) and Mac Harris! I also took a look at a fabulous blog on how to write a synopsis by Matthew Kadish: http://matthewkadish.com/ten-tips-for-writing-a-great-book-synopsis-for-amazon/

So here goes – is this better than the one in the post below? Should I just drop the first sentence and start with the 2nd paragraph? 😀

In an undiscovered land cloaked in mystery and magic, a young girl hovers on the brink of adulthood.

When Armina learns she has been chosen to inherit her Grandfather’s medallion, a stone created by his hand and filled with his power, she is astounded! She had longed for a life of travel and adventure far from her sleepy little village. Could this be the key she had been seeking?

Instead, she is ripped from the heart of her family by a murderous betrayal and thrown into a quest for vengeance and death. A quest she never dreamed of, even in her darkest nightmares!

Will she be up to the task of defeating a mighty Sorcerer? Can she take a sword in her hand and put it through the dark hearts of those that would stop her?

Can she let that blood touch her hands and her heart?

Follow her journey in The Legacy of the Medallion by S.T.Hawthorne and discover a world of magic and myth where the destiny of all is borne on the shoulders of one young woman.

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