Introduction to: Legacy of the Medallion

What do you think of this as the “blurb” for my book? Not sure I like that first sentence ending with “of”…

This is the tale of a land never heard of. A place you can’t plan to visit, yet might someday find if you step too far from the right path.

Armina is a girl on the brink of adulthood. When she learns she is to inherit her Grandfather’s medallion, a stone filled with magic and power, she’s thrilled. She imagines a life of travel and adventure far away from her tiny village.

Instead, she is ripped from the heart of her family and thrown into a quest for vengeance and death. A quest she never dreamed of even in her darkest nightmares.

Follow her journey in The Legacy of the Medallion by Susan T. Hawthorne and discover a world of magic and myth where the destiny of all is borne upon the shoulders of one young woman.

What do you think of this as the “blurb” for my book? Any comments are most welcome! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Introduction to: Legacy of the Medallion

  1. It’s going to capture a lot of attention. Wonderfully written Susan. I have only a minor suggestion. If she has the medallion when she’s ripped from the heart of the family perhaps it could read
    When she learns she has inherited her Grandfather’s medallion. This tells us she has it with her when she goes on the quest but also that the grandfather is not alive and she’s not pleased about him dying so she can inherit.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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