eReader or Paper?

People are passionate about their books! How do you like to read? Kindle (or other eReader) or Paper? And Why?

I have to confess, I love my Kindle. It’s so convenient to have my whole bookcase with me all the time 🙂 If I’m on vacation and finish my book, I can  move to another easily or download a new one!

It’s small and light, easy to pack, can carry in my purse when I go to a doctor’s appointment,etc, its easily readable in any kind of light (I have the Kindle Keyboard so do need a light if reading in the dark – got a clip on light from the dollar story!), and no more cluttered bookshelves – not to mention books that will no longer FIT on the bookshelves! – Yep, I’m an #avidreader!

So what’s your take on it? eBook or Paper book? And why?
Please leave your comment below 🙂

5 thoughts on “eReader or Paper?

  1. My house is a fire hazard of books. My husband belongs on a TLC show for hoarders who hoard books. He sneaks them in when I’m not looking, which is very frustrating. And at the same time, I am lucky because I don’t have to go to far for a good read. 🙂

    Honestly, I couldn’t use an electronic device to read because if it allows me to get to the internet, I will find my way to video games and forget about my book. I’m terrible. Thanks for the question. 🙂

    • LOL mrsprickett, I have to confess, this is another reason I love my Kindle. My house used to look like that too, only I was the hoarder (blush).
      Get yourself a Kindle Keyboard, unlike the Kindle Fire, it doesn’t cruise the internet. I chose it for the same reason, lol. I love games, used to beta test back when. Was on WOW for a couple of years, but no more..

  2. I’ve always loved to read and when talk of eBooks began – so many years ago! – I was conflicted. I’d learned to have so much respect for books, their look, their feel, even their smell.
    But then I realized that books are only a medium. The thing to treasure and protect is the story within their pages! The mind of the author exists within those stories, you can feel his or her heart beating with each paragraph! It doesn’t matter whether it’s on paper, on tape, or digitized, it’s still all there.
    And, for me, the eReader (for me, my Kindle) has the feel of a book in my hand, and I like that too 🙂
    It doesn’t feel the same to me to read it on my computer screen. It’s distanced somehow, I can’t curl up with it, I can fall asleep and dream from it, but I can with my Kindle. Though if that were the only way I could read, I would make-do!

  3. Our house is so stacked to the rafters with bookcases, we’ve gone to Kindle to save having to add on a room. 🙂 I love both, but still get excited about a new library. There is something about the tangible presence of books you can’t beat… And the risks of technology change that will render old digital volumes unreadable…

  4. Though I do read books I download for my Kindle for PC there’s something satisfying about holding an actual book. The smell of the paper, the weight in my hands, the ability to flip back easily or refer to an index without losing my place and of course the biggie of maybe getting it signed by the author one day. Yes. they fill up my shelves and maybe cause clutter but I can donate some to charity and just save my favourites and I can rearrange them on my shelves to look tidy and with luck make visitors think I’m intelligent.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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