Review of The Shy Writer Reborn

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The Shy Writer Reborn
by C.Hope Clark

Aren’t many writers introverts? That’s what I hear – who else would want to squirrel away for hours a day in a dark room with only the light from their monitor? 🙂
Writing is wonderful, I live in my own little written world, but when I write “THE END”? That’s when it gets scary. Now what? Yikes.
This book has wonderful ways to calm your heart that is banging like a sledgehammer against your ribs at the thoughts of Writer’s conventions (never mind SPEAKING at one!), book signings, Publishers and Agents, etc…
Good helps here, I suggest reading it if you shudder at the thought of promoting your little baby 🙂


2 thoughts on “Review of The Shy Writer Reborn

    • You’re so welcome, Hope, I’m glad to share something so helpful. As an introvert myself, I related to so much in your book and appreciated your suggestions for coping. 🙂 I’m sure other writers will too!

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