THE STEWARD (Weald Fae Journals, Book 1)

THE STEWARD (Weald Fae Journals, Book 1)Click on book cover to go to description on

THE STEWARD (Weald Fae Journals, Book 1)
by Christopher Shields

Christopher Shields has created a wonderful world filled with Fantasy, intrigue and magic. The Steward (Weald Fae Journals) is fast paced with a strong protagonist. It’s set amidst the beauty of the Ozarks in Arkansas; who would expect to meet the Fae here? That’s fairies to the uninitiated – but nothing like tinkerbell. These are the classic faeries from Celtic lore who rule the woodlands and control the elements. Some are aligned with goodness and others
are quite frightful. Maggie, a 16 year old girl, who has been uprooted from her home learns there is more to her background than a cabin in the Ozarks. She is to be the new Steward, one who protects the land of the Fae and is a liason between their world and ours.

Touted as a YA story, this will delight lovers of Fantasy of any age.
I highly recommend this book, I couldn’t put it down. My only dismay (and delight) was the discovery that there is a sequel!

Well done, Christopher Shields, well done!


5 thoughts on “THE STEWARD (Weald Fae Journals, Book 1)

    • Ahh there are so many different types of fantasy! Alice in Wonderland is Fantasy, so is J.R.R. Tolkien’s ring Trilogy, Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonrider series, and all the wonderful Urban Fantasies by Charles de Lint. And they’re all so different! There are romance fantasies, mystery fantasies, urban fantasies, steampunk fantasies, fantasies about werewolves and vampires and charming little cartoon fantasies. there’s something in there to please just about anyone 🙂

  1. You’re an authors dream come true. This is an excellent review. Helpful without destroying the plot and just hinting of the promise to come. One knows you’ve enjoyed it when you write you’re happy there’s a sequel to read.

    • Thanks David,
      In looking over reviews at Amazon, I’ve noticed that some reviewers seem to have a book review mixed up with a book report! 🙂 My goal in reviewing books I really have loved, is to promote the book and let others know how good I found it to be, not to try to retell the story in 2 or 3 paragraphs. I don’t feel that serves a purpose.

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