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I’m a writer so, of course, I also love to read. When I read something that I really enjoy, I want to share it with everyone! These are the reviews that I left on Amazon after reading these books. I hope they help you find something you will enjoy as well.


Choosing Beta-Readers: Who? How? Why?

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This week I got 8 people lined up as “Beta-Readers” for my second novel “THE SHIP”.

For those not familiar with beta-readers, they are basically test readers for you book.  They will read the story and give you feedback on what they thought of it.  But what kind of feedback am I talking about?

Well this may vary from writer to writer.  For me I’m looking for the following feedback:

1-Did they like the story? (this is a given, I have to know whether or not the story is even working for my readers in the first place)

2-How was the pacing?  Did the story drag a lot, or was it too-fast paced and hard to keep up with?

3-Were the characters likable and did you come to care about them?  Did they intrigue you?  Did you want to see more of them in the future?  (I’m working on an…

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Critiques: What Can They Do For ME and How Do I Get One?


As writers we love to get some feedback on our new works once we’ve polished them up a bit. Submitting your work for critique and giving critiques to others is a great way to learn more about the craft of writing and to network with other authors.

What can a critique do for me, you ask? Critiques can be as simple as finding those typo’s and misspellings that your eyes can miss (and that spell checker can miss too!)
But they can also be in-depth and:
•   look at the overall style of your writing
•   look at the “meaning” of certain word choices
•   consider the  choreography of your phrasing
•   note dialogue vs description
•   watch for the flow and clarity of phrasing
•   consider the overall pacing of the story

Learning how to critique the works of others not only allows you to support your writing community…

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OK, my Blurb has been edited after several good suggestions by Simon Okill from ASMSG and the Is Anybody Out There group, Jay Hinckleman from the Indy Writer’s Group (IWG) and Mac Harris! I also took a look at a fabulous blog on how to write a synopsis by Matthew Kadish: http://matthewkadish.com/ten-tips-for-writing-a-great-book-synopsis-for-amazon/

So here goes – is this better than the one in the post below? Should I just drop the first sentence and start with the 2nd paragraph? 😀

In an undiscovered land cloaked in mystery and magic, a young girl hovers on the brink of adulthood.

When Armina learns she has been chosen to inherit her Grandfather’s medallion, a stone created by his hand and filled with his power, she is astounded! She had longed for a life of travel and adventure far from her sleepy little village. Could this be the key she had been seeking?

Instead, she is ripped from the heart of her family by a murderous betrayal and thrown into a quest for vengeance and death. A quest she never dreamed of, even in her darkest nightmares!

Will she be up to the task of defeating a mighty Sorcerer? Can she take a sword in her hand and put it through the dark hearts of those that would stop her?

Can she let that blood touch her hands and her heart?

Follow her journey in The Legacy of the Medallion by S.T.Hawthorne and discover a world of magic and myth where the destiny of all is borne on the shoulders of one young woman.

Introduction to: Legacy of the Medallion

What do you think of this as the “blurb” for my book? Not sure I like that first sentence ending with “of”…

This is the tale of a land never heard of. A place you can’t plan to visit, yet might someday find if you step too far from the right path.

Armina is a girl on the brink of adulthood. When she learns she is to inherit her Grandfather’s medallion, a stone filled with magic and power, she’s thrilled. She imagines a life of travel and adventure far away from her tiny village.

Instead, she is ripped from the heart of her family and thrown into a quest for vengeance and death. A quest she never dreamed of even in her darkest nightmares.

Follow her journey in The Legacy of the Medallion by Susan T. Hawthorne and discover a world of magic and myth where the destiny of all is borne upon the shoulders of one young woman.

What do you think of this as the “blurb” for my book? Any comments are most welcome! 🙂

eReader or Paper?

People are passionate about their books! How do you like to read? Kindle (or other eReader) or Paper? And Why?

I have to confess, I love my Kindle. It’s so convenient to have my whole bookcase with me all the time 🙂 If I’m on vacation and finish my book, I can  move to another easily or download a new one!

It’s small and light, easy to pack, can carry in my purse when I go to a doctor’s appointment,etc, its easily readable in any kind of light (I have the Kindle Keyboard so do need a light if reading in the dark – got a clip on light from the dollar story!), and no more cluttered bookshelves – not to mention books that will no longer FIT on the bookshelves! – Yep, I’m an #avidreader!

So what’s your take on it? eBook or Paper book? And why?
Please leave your comment below 🙂

Review of: Journal of a Crazy Lady

(Click cover to see on Amazon)

Journal of a Crazy Lady
by Larae Parry

Take a look at life through the eyes of one VERY funny lady. If you’re ready for some hilarity, come and get it here! Larae Parry will take you on a romp through life that will delight and maybe even make you think of some of your own family and friends! An endearingly funny book, I recommend it highly.


Review of The Shy Writer Reborn

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The Shy Writer Reborn
by C.Hope Clark

Aren’t many writers introverts? That’s what I hear – who else would want to squirrel away for hours a day in a dark room with only the light from their monitor? 🙂
Writing is wonderful, I live in my own little written world, but when I write “THE END”? That’s when it gets scary. Now what? Yikes.
This book has wonderful ways to calm your heart that is banging like a sledgehammer against your ribs at the thoughts of Writer’s conventions (never mind SPEAKING at one!), book signings, Publishers and Agents, etc…
Good helps here, I suggest reading it if you shudder at the thought of promoting your little baby 🙂

A World of Possibility

I am so delighted and proud to have been included in a wonderful new Anthology. My story, A Step in Time, has been published in A World of Possibility.

The book is available for free now on Smashwords and will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and the other big e-book publishers within a day or so.

I do hope you’ll download the book and read it. There are many fascinating stories in it by up and coming new Indie Writers who need your support. You can find it here on Smashwords. I’ll include the links for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc as they have the book available.

If you get a chance to read my story I would appreciate a review that mentions it and my name as I will have a novel coming out soon (Legacy of the Medallion). Thanks for your help and support!